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Designing Your Life Inside and Out

                             "How you show up in the world matters"
As a coach and makeplace ministry leader, I help mature women design thier lives through life's tranistions. I provide programs and platforms for women to grow and develop.

These women are at a place of decision and realize the way they are living their lives is changing.  One of the hardest things to do in life is to embrace change, especially for us who are mature women. If we are to embrace change it starts with CHANGING our thinking.

My goal is to help clients manage their transition by introducing them to other ways of thinking and being about what it means to be an authentic woman. This can happen when you embrace the process of renewing your mind. As someone who loves to study the mind, I have spent the last few years helping clients navigating their way through UNHEALTHY LIMITING THOUGHT PATTERNS  that can keep you stuck in an unhealthy place.

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Below are two programs to help women navigate thier way through to healthy living.

Designing Your Life on the inside.

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90 Day Coaching Program


Program One

Building a healthy personal foundation is where women learn to love themselves and embrace walking dalthy by loving themselves and embracing who they are. Women need to be emotionally healthy before they can build a healthy life, career, business, etc. Creating a healthy mind is the first step. In this program we work with developing core values.

Program Two

Constructing a purpose filled life is creating purpose in your life. Knowing with certainty who you are created to be and moving forward with creating that life. It consists of having a mature relationship with God where you are ready to build a life that reflects who he has called you to be.

As women we need sound thinking which creates healthy patterns of living and being. We have been the caretakers of our families but often have forgotten to take care of ourselves.

My desire is to see women set free from the limiting beliefs about what it means to love themselves. These programs are faith based and require a desire to walk fully in who God called you to be.

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Design with Carla Image Consulting         Design.jpg

 Your image is more than your physical appearance. How people see you matters in every aspect of your life. As your consultant I will help you achieve what you want whether it is t get a new job, to make a good impression or to feel good about yourself. First impressions mean everything. People basetheir opinions on how you talk and behave.  I have worked with corporations, non-profits and colleges to help their employees/students with Vocal communication, Non-verbal Communication and Communication Styles for success. Knowing your style of communication as well as the style of others can help you to develop and project the image that is uniquely you. To be successful in anything you must connect deeply with it and then be able to effectively promote your image.

As your Image Consultant I will work to help you connect and promote your image.

  • Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting (giving feedback on the overall image you are projecting and helping you develop a new image)
  • Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting (reviewing your current wardrobe to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating outfits, and closet organizing)
  • Conduct workshops for organizations, non-profit agencies, colleges and individuals on Communication Styles/Skills, Non-verbal Communication and Voice Communication.


Check out my lookbooks on Pinterest and connect with me at to help you or your organization design your life.

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 Designing Your Life with Carla via radio        bLOG TALK RADIO.png  

As the host of the blogtalk radio show, Designing Your Life with Carla. I provide a platform for others to discuss REAL LIFE issues impacting men women and our youth today. The show can be heard on Thursday's at 7:00pm (ET). You can listen online at or phone in (347)215-9751. You can also use the link to listen to replays of the show.

I've been blessed to interview some of the greatest minds on the planet. My listenership has grown in ways I could have never imagined. Embracing what you love and being willing to go into unchartered territory is a must if you want to experience change.

Let's take the journey together.

I would love to hear from you. Grab your FREE 20 minute session. 



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